Having been to France to see how Le Creuset cast iron is made and spent time watching the whole process, there is not a lot that Tanya doesn’t know about Le Creuset cookware.

Admittedly, before the trip she was not aware of the difference between this and other cast iron cookware - now she feels very sure of the value of purchasing such quality equipment, which, if used properly should last a lifetime.


We love the Le Creuset products and sell a wide range of choice – from skillets to pan sets to table mats!

As ever, we can source whichever Le Creuset product you fancy. Once you start collecting Le Creuset pans you'll be hooked and we can help you to add to your collection.




– never use Le Creuset cast iron on a hob higher than medium heat. Not only will this preserve the life of your pan but it will also save you money in gas or electric too.


Try this recipe which is designed for a 22cm Le Creuset casserole - its not only delicious but really economical as the ingredients are not expensive AND it only uses the fuel on the hob for a few minutes. retains the heat and cooks on its own! It is really delicious so have a go and if you don't have a Le Creuset casserole then give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will do the best price possible for you.        


Our favourite Le Creuset Casserole. Makes an ideal wedding present or just a way of showing you love your food -  £35 






Stove Top kettle


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