An award winning, comprehensive bakeware range with over a hundred items. With a variety of sizes in the most essential items through to specialist products such as 24 hole mini muffin tins,  madeleine pans and pudding steamers, all products are manufactured for function and durability and have comprehensive guarantees to support this.

24holemuffin madeleine 8inchdeep
The range is heavy duty, made from 1mm steel, with a high quality double layered non-stick coating and twenty year guarantee on most items.
Non-stick Roaster  £9.99 - 13x10x3 - other sizes available
Ideal for making cakes, flans, tarts and quiches. Manufactured from heavy duty commercial weight 1mm steel,


 with a double layer non-stick coating, this heart cake pan forms part of the Master Class award winning bakeware collection.
Size: 26cm x 24cm (10" x 9.5")
Dishwasher, oven, fridge and freezer safe.Twenty year guarantee.
Five year non-stick guarantee.


My Favourite Product

lecjugI simply love my Le Creuset batter jug! I use it for many jobs, it pops in the dishwasher and looks cool on the shelf - what more can you want from a kitchen item??

It's great for making Yorkshire Puddings - just pour from the jug into the bun tins - ideal for pancakes - again, pour straight into the frying pan and I use it for beating eggs for omelettes, making cake mixes - particularly muffins where you need to be careful when mixing the ingredients and ....well, the list goes on!

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We now have a growing range of supplies for cake decorating - from white or coloured fondant and petal paste to glitter, gel colours, cutters and sugarcraft tools.

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